Dr. Putter is the ideal veterinarian. He is attentive, patient, and caring.

Jere Smith

Dr. Putter is an eminently professional, competent and knowledgeable veterinarian. We have worked together through the course of my two dogs spanning some 20 years. He has always provided competent and knowledgeable guidance and assistance and I must say that without his help and that of his staff, neither of my pet's would have fared as well as they did. Specifically, my second dog has had multiple orthopedic surgeries and illnesses and without his support and guidance, Calli would have been euthanized long ago. No issue is too small or unimportant for him not to take notice. He is receptive, supportive and knowledgeable. His bedside manner is soothing and calming. His treatment plans are conservative. He looks to treet his animals holistically while at the same time appreciates the value of money and the expenses that we as pet owners assume. It has been my pleasure to have been associated with his practice and I look forward to many more years of collaboration. Lastly, Dr. Putter knows his professional limitations and surrounds himself with very competent auxiliary personnel. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to find an initial veterinarian or someone looking to change from an existing one. Your pet will be glad you have met him and so will you.

Charlie F

I love Dr Putter. Have tried so many vets in the city and many of them feel dissociated/detached and / or transactional. The front desk, the nurses and the vets there are all down to earth and genuine. Highly recommend trust me do not go to bond vet. It’s transactional for them there


Dr. Putter is the best veterinarian ever. Did extensive dental work on our senior dog who is feeling much better. He gives our dog such great medical care that I wish he could be my doctor too.

Michael Brettler

Dr. Putter and the entire team at Lenox Hill Veterinarians are absolutely amazing. They have been so caring as we have been navigating some health issues with my dog. I have been in office to pick up meds or have a checkup appointment almost 1x a week for the past month and have seen interactions with the staff and other patients. They’ve been kind, patient and attentive with everyone who’s walked through the door! As for my dogs care I will not be going to another vet for as long as I live in the city. Dr Putter genuinely cares about my pet, he has a dry sense of humor and his bedside manner may come off as direct but I’d rather that than have someone muddle their thoughts to appease me. Yes he is busy, yes sometimes time gets away from them, but I have never felt that I was not given 100%.

Daina Gigliotti

Dr. Putter is, hands down, the most caring vet I could ever hope to find. Smart, experienced, kind, never upsells. Wonderful caring staff as well. I feel very supported here and trust them completely.

Anita Schecter

Really liked Dr. Putter. First time I was there with my dog. Liked the way he handled the dog. Liked the way he explained things to me.

Arlene Paul

Lenox Hill Veterinary is really amazing. We worked with Dr. Sanchez with our Maltese with multiple serious issues and the doctor was really helpful and the facility is great. Highly recommended!

Steve V

The doctors and the staff are extremely helpful and very welcoming. I bought a puppy in November 2022 and have had to take my puppy in for followup vaccinations and continued care. Tremendous place as my puppy feels at ease with the office and its staff!

Ginger S

The best care for your pet in NYC is, hands down, Lenox Hill Veterinarians established by Dr. Lawrence Putter many years ago. I was lucky to discover Dr Putter long before he set up his own veterinary practice at a time when I had a seriously ill cat, Timmy, whom he treated with precision and great compassion. Since then all of my many, many cats through the past 25+ years have been under his watchful care for one thing or another, some illnesses minor and some devastating. Most were saved while some couldn't be, yet he gave them all their best chance to live. Dr. Putter went above and beyond to help them, and your pet deserves the same.

Maria Buncick