Pet Dental Care FAQs

Dental disease is a common problem for most cats and dogs. By the age of three, most pets will have some degree of dental disease according to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). To combat dental disease in cats and dogs, you should prioritize dental care for your animal. The team at Lenox Hill Veterinarians in New York can help. 


When Should Your Pet Receive Its First Dental Cleaning?

You must begin dental care for your pet when they are young. We recommend scheduling your pet’s first dental cleaning by the age of two for dogs and the age of one for cats. From there, it is best to have your pet’s teeth cleaned at least once per year. Some breeds of cats and dogs may need more frequent cleanings, especially if they have shallow roots or teeth crowding.

These regular checks and cleanings will help to battle some of the painful symptoms that come with poor oral health and dental disease, including broken teeth, loose teeth, bad breath, painful and bleeding mouth, refusal or inability to eat and drink, and drooling. Regular cleanings and checkups are a part of helping your animal live happy and healthy lives. 

Dental Cleaning Procedure

To ensure your cats and dogs always have the best oral health, our expert cleanings include scaling your pet’s teeth to remove plaque and tartar and polishing them up. To make the process as comfortable as possible, we will administer anesthesia during the cleaning. This process typically takes between forty-five minutes and an hour. Your cat or dog will then remain in recovery with us until the anesthesia wears off. 

During your cat or dog teeth cleaning, we will also check your pet’s gums for any conditions. We will also look for larger issues, including bad breath, periodontal disease, tooth pain or tooth infection, and other conditions that may require care beyond the regular cleanings. The reasons that dogs need dental surgery include exposed tooth nerves, the loss of gum tissue, or the loss of bone tissue. 

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