Pet Dermatology Care at Lenox Hill Veterinarians

Pets are subject to many skin issues, which may result from various causes. Some animals are highly sensitive to harsh chemical products. Others have allergies that manifest as rashes, itching, and eruptions. Pinpointing the source of the problem is the first step in determining the right solution to help your pet be comfortable again. At Lenox Hill Veterinarians in New York, NY, we provide veterinary care for a wide range of pet skin problems.


Skin Irritation in Pets

Skin irritation is a common problem that most pets will encounter at some time in their lives. The irritation may be a result of contact with an outdoor plant, indoor cleaning products, or grooming items that cause a reaction. Habits such as sleeping on the patio, on hard stone pavers, or other materials can also lead to skin irritation and unsightly rashes.

Pet Rashes

If you notice red areas of skin on your pet’s belly, paws, or around the face, consider substances they may be in contact with on a daily basis. Also, make a point of observing their behavior during the day. You may find clues about what’s irritating your pet’s skin. This can help our veterinarians pinpoint the cause and find the best remedy for the rash. Parasites can also cause skin problems, so examine your pet carefully for signs of pests or pest dirt.

Sores and Scabs on Pet Skin

Some types of skin infections can result in sores or lesions on the skin surface. These lesions may be related to the underlying infections that cause the animal to scratch as a way to relieve the discomfort. These sores can be difficult to control. Our vets can offer a number of effective treatments to help your pet during the healing process.

Hair Loss in Pets

Hair loss can be a disturbing result of pet skin problems. The loss of hair may be accompanied by severe skin rashes and eruptions caused by secondary bacterial or fungal infections. Intense scratching and itching may also develop, which only increases skin damage. Our veterinarians will diagnose the problem and provide appropriate treatments required for their skin to heal properly.

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